As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being


My first ever blog – initially tried to think of some wonderful, great, unique name for my blog, thought about using part of my own name, which is still unique though perhaps not quite as different as might otherwise be. In the end decided on the simpler, though more generic “My Counselling World”.

Adding the below entry which I’d made on my phone and just got around to downloading it:

12 Oct 2006
Have been neglecting or putting off starting this journal. So…
Attended my second counselling class Tuesday just gone. Found it better than the 1st but that is probably more to my settling in more? What is very interesting is that after the meeting which concluded at 22:15 stood outside the building talking to Ian the only other man on the course. We finally parted at 23:30. We talked of feelings emotions.and how difficult it can be to put them into words. Ian wonders if its more a lack of practice than actual denial of them and not actually feeling.


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