As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being


The title of this blog should give some idea of it’s purpose. Though should point out it is more about my journey to becoming a full-time counsellor, rather that counselling per se. Back in 3rd October re-started a journey started many years ago when I completed an Open University (Hons) degree based in psychology. At the time had a desire to become a counsellor, but family circumstances did not allow the training to continue. Perhaps the desire was not strong enough back then? Over the past year have been researching into post graduate training courses that would be appropriate. Had been accepted at Roehampton University on their PGCert & PGDip MSc course, but did not feel quite right about things. Not that the course was bad or the tutors I meet where not great either. Just something did not sit right for me to attend there right now. Perhaps I will go there next year, as did ask for a year’s postponement. In contrast the Certificate course just begun did seem to fit in all ways.

Part of the course requirement is to keep a journal over the year of thoughts, feelings and experiences in general, but in particular relating to counselling. So that is the purpose of this blog, so I can make entries wherever I might be, at home or abroad, without the need to carry a notebook. Abroad, meaning anywhere that is not home.


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