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More Books

Two new books to be read – “The Carl Rogers Reader” edited by H. Kirschenbaum, but content all by Rogers himself and “Human Development” by Eric Rayner, Christopher F. Clulow, Mary Twyman, John Rose & Angela Joyce. The “Carl Rogers Reader” was a Christmas present from two of my children. Still haven’t quite completed “Person-Centred Counselling Training” by Dave Mearns. Will put effort into competing it by end of this week and then must concentrate on the essay on listening skills for the course. Once the essay is finished (am contemplating posting the essay here – probably will do so, once it has been graded and marked) will then begin “Human Development”, as it is assigned reading for the next term of the counselling course. With the course being psycho-dynamic the book takes that approach as well. On average we will be covering two chapters per evening, so will need to read at least two chapters ahead of each evening. We don’t start back until 16th Jan, so have time to get ahead. Will also read one chapter of the “Carl Rogers Reader” per week, to balance the approach between psycho-dynamic and person-centred.

Out of the two approaches still have stronger leanings towards person-centred. Maybe this term will see a shift in that? Though have discovered a person-centred Diploma in Counselling at BCUC. As it is wholly person-centred, rather than half person-centred and half psycho-dynamic or half some other approach it appeals to me greatly. Considering applying.


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