As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

This afternoon a lady from BCUC phoned to arrange an interview. The date is set for the 19th June at 10:00 am. Am excited about this, but a little apprehensive. It’s the split feelings of I can do this, but what if I can’t!! Been reading more of “The Carl Rogers Reader”. Fascinating to see the perceptions the man had. The case of Ellen West is disturbing, where she was treated as an object by those treating her which seemed to lead to her viewing her self in that way, of little value, eventually leading to her suicide. It seems very plausible that if Person-Centred counselling had been around then things would have been different. Must be careful not to condemn those who did treat her, acting as they were according to the knowledge available to them. Would the result be different today? Roger’s thinks it would be and presents a convincing case.


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