As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

Required to hand in our journals tonight at the counselling class. As they are a requirement for the course we have to show that we have been keeping them. As I look back over this journal am shocked really to see so few entries. I really must make more effort to keep one and to be more explicit where able about my personal growth, as a lot of this is just about events, rather than feelings, emotions and growth. There are parts where that is all laid out but it is rather sporadic?

So have I grown and developed over the time of the course? If so, in what ways? I do feel more aware of myself now. Am I in more control of myself now? Should I be in more control of myself? Well, yes control is necessary, but they are those who would say too much control is not good or helpful in the long term. But from a gospel perspective that does seem a bit alien.


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