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Youth Counselling Agency

Had an interview at a Youth Counselling agency yesterday, for a placement – seemed to go well – once I got there! The journey was, well, everything just seemed to go wrong. The journey was supposed to be 8 minutes from start to end, but it took me over 30 minutes to get there. Once I had finally parked was hurrying to get there and tripped up, falling flat on my face, gouging my hand, ripping my trousers at the knee and grazing my leg. Nothing serious but going into an interview with a bleeding hand and torn trousers doesn’t look too good 🙂

It was a group interview setting. Three women and two men. At one point we were split into two groups for role playing. Made me appreciate more the role playing we did at BCC 🙂 Apparently they already have people from BCUC and Roehampton on placements. The other man today is doing a diploma at Metonia in Gestalt therapy. The agency also do offer supervision. It is Person-Centred, which is good, but only group supervision. So may need some one to one supervision arranged in the future.

Have to fill out a CRB check now and wait for that to get processed. While that is being done there will be opportunity to work on the reception for a bit. They want you to do 18 hours on reception first to get used to how things run there. Then start the counselling later.


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