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BCUC course continues

We’ve been having a mixture of lectures, which I’ve been recording on my phone (with permission from the course tutor) and listening triads. The listening triads are quite a different experience to the triads we had at BCC in Wokingham. We don’t role play at all but are encouraged to use real stuff. So it gets quite personal at times. We start off with then idea of doing say 10 minutes each, and changing roles, but sometimes it’s difficult, if not actually wrong (even dangerous?), to stop someone in the middle of personal stuff and it can end up half an hour for one person. I was listening to someone for that long the other week. It’s quite humbling to have someone share so much personal stuff after only knowing you for a few weeks and then only seeing you one day each week.

Had one experience when another course member and I were being observed by the whole group (22 others). We had volunteered. After a few minutes it was almost like everyone else was not there really. Just was able to get on with everything. That’s only been done the once, so I’m not too sure that maybe we did something not quite right 🙂

Our first assignment is to listen to another person who is on the course for 15 minutes, recording the session, then transcribe it word for word and comment on what was happening. The second assignment is an essay for what counselling is, or what we see it as. We have to do a recording assignment each term. This time it’s 15 minutes, next term it’s 30 minutes. We’ve been told the transcribing is the worst part, as it takes so long.

All in all, I’m enjoying and feeling good about the course.


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