As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

Being and mindfulness

As we are on summer break form the course will just write a few thoughts of my own – in writing that should not and are not all thoughts I have my own anyway? Or is it true that there is really nothing new under the sun – rather just new ways of saying things?Life is good – well I am feeling good, which makes life good. There is a saying from somewhere – do not ask how life is treating you today, but rather ask how are you treating life today? Have been reading some books on mindfulness recently (The Miracle of Mindfulness). Just ordered a new one this week (Mindfulness in Plain English). A concept coming from Buddhism. The idea being to be more aware of your self and all that is occurring in the now. Not to be concerned about yesterday or even the last minute, but to be in the now, the present. Nor to be concerned too much with the future. Certainly make plans but do not get obsessed with them. Live and be in the moment.

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