As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

"Love and Loss" by Colin Murray Parkes

“…some of the problems that follow bereavement have more to do with the wider context than they have with the bereavement.  However, bereavement remains important in providing us with an opportunity to understand better the interweaving of love, loss and change.”

Hopefully not taken out of context, but that quote from the introduction (pg 5) seems to sum up what Love and Lossis about. It seems as if it will be a long, though worthwhile read.  Very much a theory book.  Having only just started it, will post more thoughts as my study progresses.

It raises for me the question of which come first theory or practice. By this, I am, thinking of being there with a client.  If I am too engrossed in a theoretical aspect of what the client may be sharing with me how can I actually be there, be present with and for them? When in a session surely there is a need to put aside too much theory, as from  person-centred point of view I’m not there to interpret or analyse, which I feel too much theory will lean someone into doing.

Yet, we cannot completely throw out all theory. It definitely has a place.  Is the question more of getting the balance right, between theory and practice?  Does that come over time, through experience? Any thoughts or suggestions?


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