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Attachment and things … for fun

“Relationships formed in infancy colour all future relationships.”

Having read this in  introduction to Love and Loss (Pg 4) for a bit of fun wanted to extrapolate attachment to all things, in particular regarding music.  During my teens, so not really my infancy (though some may say my maturity then was infantile 🙂 ) I listened to certain bands and singer/song-writers and seem to have difficulty moving on from then to more recently recorded music.  Jackson Browne is still my favourite artist.  Close behind come early, James Taylor, Carol King, Neil Young, Gram Parsons. Bands consist of early, Genesis, Yes, Hawkwind, Crosby, Stills and Nash.  I put the word “early” deliberately before them all. Later recordings I find not so easy to enjoy.  It is almost a musical time warp, stuck in the early to mid 1970s. But, hey I enjoy it 🙂  I do, though, wonder if I’m, missing out on some excellent current music?

As for current music artists there are a few – Regina Spektor I find interesting.

Is there anyone else who experiences this? And can it be related in the least way to attachment theory?


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