As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

Further musical thoughts

Feel there should be some clarification of my last post re my musical tastes.  In saying, I feel in a musical time warp, is not to say I don’t enjoy other types of music than those mentioned.  My repertoire has definitely expanded. i am comfortable listening to all types of music now.  Whereas in the early 1970s I would not venture far from my then personal tastes. Now on occasion I listen to classical music. Back then a definite no-no.  It was, I suppose, what might be termed a kind of backwards prudishness.  I felt if it had strings and brass, sounding slightly classical, how could it be “real” music. There was a certain judgement of “other” types of music.  Absolutely absurd, but that’s where I was back then.  Of course, I allowed myself exceptions to this, making the whole concept a little hypocritical.   The album Polite Forceby Egg being one. Particularly the second side “Long Piece No. 3” – a 20 minute instrumental, consisting of much brass. The crazy, inconsistent, diametric teenage years 🙂

Why do I mention this? What has this to do with being a person-centred or any other type of counsellor? I feel this is part of becoming more aware of myself both from where I came from and now. Perhaps, allowing myself greater congruence?


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