As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being


One thing that seeing clients gives is an appreciation of, well, everything – people, relationships, flowers, trees, rain or sunshine, abilities or even lack of abilities, and so on and on.  This appreciation come from being with clients who have lost what they most desired.  Though, until the loss occurred the realisation of how much they loved or were attached to the person or whatever their loss was, was not completly understood.

Recently saw a client who had been initially been referred to a counsellor by their GP.  This counsellor started with a form filling exercise, are you depressed, are you suicidal,and other such questions.  The client just felt defensive from the start and never returned.  At the end of our session together I was introduced to their spouse with the phrase: “It’s OK, I like this counsellor, he’s alright”.

This, of course, was nice to hear, but left me thinking, you may not always like me. There may be times when perhaps, I feel to challenge you, that are not initially appreciated.  It was a good start to a counselling  relationship, but I recognise I’m not really there to be liked, but to be with the clients experiencing, which at times will be uncomfortable, particularly as they become more aware of themselves and all that is within them.


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