As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

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Re-creation or just recreation?

Time for a break from the paid employment.  This afternoon I begin a  two week holiday.  This year I feel more excitement at being off work than any previous year.  Why?  What lies behind those feelings?  Well, our son returns from 2 years in Hong Kong.  It will be wonderful to see and be with him again.  We both will have changed significantly.  Him or myself the more? Who knows until we meet. I’m sure everyone else in the family has likewise made changes. I hope we are all able to accommodate with acceptance and appreciation each other’s changes and glory in them rather than the opposite.

Just looking forward to being with my family for two weeks. No plans as such – just being together. For myself, no plans means less disappointment when activities don’t go the way they were hoped for. I appreciate that others will not see that – many people like to have a set plan for time off work.  I’ll be happy just walking , talking,  eating,  reading,  just being together.  For me, its the being, rather than the doing.

As the title of the post suggests, for me a holiday is time for re-creation of one’s self and connections with others.  Not just a time for recreation or just playing around – though of course some time playing can assist in one’s re-creation. Not just theme parks or tourist site visits, but time being and coming together.

Yes, part of the time will be for reading – purchased Without Buddha I Could Not be a Christian– have lately struggled with Love and Lossfinding it hard to get into. Not that I’m saying it is not a great book. From the portion I’ve read I’d say it is. I feel that certain books we can only appreciate when we are at or in, a certain point of development. I recall picking up Carl Rogers Client Centred Therapynearly 20 years ago and struggled with it. I picked it up about 2 years ago and read it with ease. Maybe soon I’ll get back into Love and Loss.


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