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More bottles of coke…

Been thinking more on the bottle of coke analogy I posted on the 24th July this year.  To extend the analogy, I talked of the bubbles relating to our emotions, that as the bottle or we get shaken or disturbed by events and experiences, we eventually need to release them, gently or sometimes quickly.  So tears flow. However, if we shake a bottle of coke too much, gently or quickly, release the lid, all the bubbles inside are released.  The drink then becomes flat. It still has taste but not, what might be termed, vitality.  Are we the same?  After an emotional release we can feel tension disappear. But are we then flat, lifeless, without any vitality?  A bottle of coke could have the bubbles re-injected. Is this not what counselling can do, help the client to re-inject bubbles as it were, some vitality, some life back into themselves, so there is a better balance of emotion? Any thoughts on this much appreciated.  Does it resonate?


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