As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

Train journey

On a train to Waterloo for a day comprising three training courses.

Interesting watching other passengers. The man sat diagonally opposite me: British Rail employee tag hung round his neck, dressed in bright fluorescent outfit, looking as if has a very physical type of job. As he entered the carriage a strong smell of cigarette smoke followed. Yet, pinned to his top is a “St John’s Ambulance” badge. Asleep.
The man directly opposite me: iPod plugged into ears, fast asleep, dribbling 🙂 Has a practical “man bag” over his shoulder.
Both men have some type of MP3 player plugged into their ears. Thankfully quiet enough no one else can hear. Not like my daughter who wears it turned up so high everyone else hears a tinny noise.

Of course, looking at appearances, making judgements on the look is not very helpful if you want to know the whole person.

The man opposite woke up briefly, fiddled with iPod then went back to sleep. Presume it must be playing something.

Announcement: “Next station, London”, so will send this now.


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