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So, Jedward are out!

So, Jedward are out. Does it matter? In concerns of life and death, no. Of greater importance to me is the recent death of my Dad, coupled with my Mum now being in hospital for the past two weeks. Is that though where the difference comes? People who are so concerned over the X-Factor results have had no life and death factor in their lives recently? Or is it a way of avoiding such concerns? Or am I too concerned myself? Is it a case of: “thou doth protest too much” as Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet. The complete quote being: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”. Hamlet Act 3, scene 2, 222–230 spoken by Queen Gertrude.

Perhaps I’m worried about being sucked into something that would waste my time, when there is so much else to read or actually do. That I would end up liking the programme! Almost like an illegal drug. You know you shouldn’t take it, but loads of people you know are, so it can’t be too bad. Before long you get hooked. Such a comparison is not meant to make light of those addicted to drugs, yet I do believe we can get addicted to TV programmes, as well as TV as a whole. The consequences though are obviously not so damaging, severe, vicious or far reaching as drug addiction can be.


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