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Orange iPhone Terms & Conditions update …

This is old now, but thought I’d update from my previous post.  No one from Orange came back to me direct about this change.  Just checked their web site and found the following:

Mobile internet browsing applies within the UK only. Any use outside the UK will be charged at the relevant international rates. Mobile Internet browsing does not include event charges such as for ringtones or games (transport costs for these events are included). Fair Usage policy of 750MB applies. Not to be used for Internet Tethering (e.g. using your handset as a modem – separate Tethered Data bundles are available). Should you exceed this limit or if such use is detected, notice may be given and Network protection controls applied to ensure the quality and availability of our network to all customers. This may result in, at Orange’s discretion, reduced speed of transmission, suspension of mobile internet browsing services and/or suspension of your account.

So, seems Orange are allowing all services  to used, except internet tethering, which is expected.  Not so bad after all 🙂


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