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Christmas conflicts and confusion

The 1st of December. I love Christmas. I hate Christmas. No, I actually love Christmas. Is it possible to have such opposing feelings for such a time of year? Yes, I say. It is for me.

I hate the commercialisation of this time of year. Shops selling toys and other gifts, baubles, tinsel, trees and particular foods, implying without buying them you cannot enjoy yourself. All of this began in October in some shops! Why so early, except to capitalise on making greater profit? I’ve nothing against buying gifts or putting up trees with decorations. But, it all seems in excess. Capitalism reigns.

What has all this to do with Christ? We celebrate His nativity at this time of year. Buying gifts, decorating trees is all considered part of that celebration. What if we don’t get involved in the purchasing, does that really diminish our celebration of Christ’s birth?

Capitalism for me back in the 1970s was the way forward.  As I reflect back I now wonder how I got caught up so much in things.  Certainly now my politics are more to the left than the right.  Not quite in the center.  Not sure what the replacement is, but surely with all the banking issues recently there must be another way?


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