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X factor over for another year!

Why do I dislike the X Factor so much? Is it Simon Cowell? Is it all the judges? Is it simply that its liked by so many that part of me innately must dislike it? Is it that it costs people to phone in to vote? Is it that it (initially) sets up to publicly embarrass people? Is it the way it tries to exalt the judges through their walking onto stage to dramatic music? Is it that I hate myself on the few occasions I’ve sat to watch it with my family because it captivates me? Is it because as a friend described it, it becomes addictive? Is it the way it manipulates the viewers emotions?

All of the above and more!

Trying to be objective, I ask myself:
Am I perhaps jealous of the money and fame connected with the show? Yes, more money would be nice. Not the millions the judges have though. Should anyone really have that much money? Fame – no, I don’t think I’d like to known by most of the UK.

Then there’s the question asked by my son last night: “what would you say if I ever got into the finalists and the judges came round here?”. I wouldn’t deny him or anyone the opportunity. I wouldn’t recommend it as a way of being. You start to lose your own life as the publicity machine starts to manipulate you and to an extent your family. You have to say things a certain way, dress a certain way, be a certain way – at least in public. I’m sure that wouldn’t work for me.

Why did Stacey lose? A great singing voice. I’d really like to know the exact voting figures. How many people vote for each act? Do people vote for an act more than once? How much money is made from the voting phone calls? Someone said 10 million calls were made yesterday. The calls cost 35 pence (I think). Maybe more. So if my working out is correct that’s £3.5 million. If people donated the cost of their calls so many charities could benefit from that. Add to that the other shows – the money really mounts up!


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