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Snow, ice and a chest infection

Not a very original title for this post. But, it describes the week. Monday saw me visit our GP to be told I had a chest infection. Antibiotics prescribed and off home I drove. On the way filled the car up with diesel at Tesco. Whilst at the garage felt to go into the store for a new belt. Been after one for couple of weeks, since one I bought in 1976 finally split in two. A wonderful belt bought in Canada, somewhere nearly Calgary. Tesco had belts reduced to £1.50 – of which I purchased one. Very content.

Tuesday evening snow began to fall, lightly at first.

Wednesday saw the snow descend heavily. Schools closed and driving anywhere not easy, so had company while off sick.

Thursday saw no snow fall though what had fallen earlier turned to ice. Schools still closed. Still feeling not well phoned GP wondering if different antibiotics might be needed. Said to keep taking the ones prescribed and signed me off for the week. I’m grateful he did. Walked to surgery to pick up sick note.

Nothing really eventful above. One thing reported on the News for me is. Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and others have decided not to pay staff who are unable to get into work due to the adverse weather conditions.


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