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Snow, ice, pay and morals

As mentioned in my previous post Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and others have decided not to pay staff who are unable to get into work due to the adverse weather conditions.

Being signed off sick for the week means not having to worry myself. Is it fair though? If the roads are not safe to drive, no buses, no trains, walking not particularly feasible, is it ok for a company you work for not pay you for not turning up to work? From the companies side it no doubt seems ok. No work, no pay. But from the employees side it doesn’t sound right. I’m not talking about the legality. It no doubt is legal. Is it though moral? A lot of the companies mentioned already pay low wages and make huge profits. It is doubtful the employees can afford one day’s less pay, let alone three that a friend will lose. Unless there is a change of heart. But does capitalism have such a heart? There may be the odd employee willing to take advantage of the weather.

Perhaps companies could have conditions for adverse weather. For example:

1. If you live less than a mile from the company you are expected to walk.
2. If you’re over a certain age and/or have a disability you’re not expected to walk.

Or perhaps, even better treat each person individually, taking account of their circumstances and needs.

Otherwise, it all seems very wrong.


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