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Blurred eyesight and empathic vision

Just had eye drops put in that distort vision. Their purpose is allow clearer photo images to be taken of the back of the eyes. The difficulty is not being able to see clearer afterwards. The effect of the drops can last from 2 to 4 hours. So I’m sitting in Costa, with a large hot chocolate, slowing typing and re-typing (not seeing the keyboard clearly) this blog entry. The distorted vision seems worse than previous years. Perhaps its age. Driving with dilated pupils I was informed is illegal.

Reflecting on the above gives me thought of sitting with a client. Allowing my own stuff to stay in the forefront distorts my unconditional positive regard, congruence and particularly my empathy. If I consider my social standing, employment, ability, political status and so on, it all distorts or blurs my seeing and being with a client. I see myself, instead of seeing them or through their eyes. My own stuff becomes drops in my eyes to distort my empathic vision.


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