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Songs, inquiries and governments

While cleaning out and organising the study put on an old album by Michael Nesmith from 1972 “And the Hits Just Keep on Comin’“. Lyrics of one song caught me:

Keep in mind the difference
Between courage and will
Don’t be afraid to stop what you’ve begun
The straight folks think that winning
Gives them license to kill
But number good is better than number one

Yes, words like “the straight folks” date it. Hearing it sung they don’t sound so odd. Or maybe that’s because of memories 🙂 Anyway, thoughts came as I listened. Is this an anti-war song? Or at least an anti-unjust war song? With the Iraq inquiry they struck a chord.

Many people take staunch views on the war in Iraq. Right or wrong. Just or unjust. I feel the main problem is the general public aren’t given all the information. So we can’t make a balanced view point. We, no OK, I don’t fully trust the government. They seem to give off an air of distrust. Until they speak plainly that will not be dispelled. I want to trust the government. I currently find that hard. The same goes for the opposition parties. Each have their own agenda. That agenda should be the benefit of the country. Yet, it seems not to be. It appears to benefit themselves.

This of course is all subjective. When I vote at the coming general election and vote I will, it will no doubt come down to feelings and emotions. Facts and figures will be distorted. There will be, as once said “Lies, damned lies and statistics”.

In the counselling room until we get past the so called facts down to our feelings no real change happens. I was going to try to draw an analogy here to feelings in politics and counselling. But, can’t really except to say both are deeply involved.


One response to “Songs, inquiries and governments

  1. paul borg 30 May, 2010 at 01:19

    Same LP lyrics still relevant today. listen to “The Candidate” short and to the point.

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