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3rd night at diploma

Began this post last Monday evening, only just completing it.  So it may seem a bit out of place after the post regarding my father-in-law.

Started with an hour and 15 mins of PD (Personal Development) which was great.  It has been moved from the end of the evening to the beginning.  Seemed a lot better as there was no quick cut off, as there had been the other two times, due to running out of time.  Shared my feeling of feeling very welcomed yet still felt outside of the group. Expressed feeling of wanting to share but not sure of the value having been through all that with the previous course.  Was asking myself why the desire to share?  Where did that come from? Was there a need to test the group, to see if they would have unconditional regard for me despite whatever I might share? Perhaps.

Then we split for triads for the first time this year.  It was great. I was observer and client.  Look forward to being counsellor, hopefully next week. Feedback will be great to get – as I long to develop further and without feedback that development I feel with be somewhat restricted.


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