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Some Person-Centred links and a new theme

The observant will see a new theme when viewing the blog.  Why? Felt like time for a change.

Have also added a few links to some person-centred sites.  Couple of organisational ones. Plus one with information regarding Carl Rogers and then the personal sites of Allan Turner and Dave Mearns.

Hope these are useful to any who are interested in this particular approach to counselling.  Over time will add information about other sites dedicated to counselling and related topics.  Hope this information will be of value to those interested in counselling, from both the therapist and client side.  Most information here relates to the Person-Centred Approach (PCA).  This is mainly due to a personal preference for that approach.  Would say, however, that I feel all methods of counselling have their place.  Do not think it would be right to put one against another.  We are all different and respond differently to different approaches, as we indeed all respond differently to different counsellors.


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