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Class, stereotypes and counselling

The post title is that of a presentation I’m doing with another member of the counselling diploma course at the end of March.  Any feedback would be great to receive!

Anyone remember this “class” sketch from the Frost Report?  Stars John Cleese and the Two Ronnies:

An interesting depiction of the UK class system.  Upper, middle and lower.  There is now though what is called the “Under Class”.  Considering using this as an opener, to hopefully hook people into the topic.  Then get on to how class might affect us as counsellors today.

So how are we affected?  As in the sketch, if we are not aware of our selves we may indeed look up or down on particular clients.  In order to be as unconditional as possible in our acceptance of clients I need to be ware of any prejudices I may have, whether obvious or on the edge of my awareness.  It is probably those on the edge of awareness that I need to work on more.  If I am aware of things more work can be done to limit them.  If they are there at the edge of awareness they may affect my relationships with clients unknowingly.  It is one thing to be affected and then have the congruence to admit that, but if we are unaware, are we not then in-congruent?


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