As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

the love song

“I will never hurt you.
I will always help you.
If you are hungry
I’ll give you my food.
If you are frightened
I am you friend.
I love you now.
And love does not end.”
Orsen Scott Card – Songmaster

8 lines that condensed a book. A Christmas present just completed. Not many books bring me to tears. Songmaster did. Twice. Once, about 3/4 through. Second, as the book concluded. Recommend it? Not sure. Rarely do that with fiction, as my reading will not be the same as yours. You may end up disappointed. My life leads me as I read to absorb certain things. Your life may lead you to absorb other things. Is one right, the other wrong? Surely, we each receive for our needs? If you can read, at times graphic sadness, despair, cruelty, heartache, turning eventually to happiness, joy, forgiveness and love maybe the book is for you.

The love song above speaks to me of person-centred counselling. A counsellor never hurts, is always there to help. If a client is frightened (many, if not all, are of something) a counsellor is there with empathy, congruence and unconditional regard. Using those common terms seems to not quite carry the meaning. Being those qualities is not easy. You cannot just “do” them. It really is a sense of being – that they become part of you, inside you. Not a part to play.

The last 2 lines do carrying the meaning. In essence a counsellor loves. Not in the way of being “in love” but just loving. Though the word “just” is not right either. How can I say I “just” love anyone. To love is the greatest way of being.

The question, then: Can I be that way? My answer: Yes, with Divine help.

A more relevant question though: Am I this way? My answer: I feel I am, though, it is my clients who only have the ultimate answer.


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