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Focusing & counselling

Spent time with a friend focusing this past Sunday morning. Would usually have been at church, but I have been signed off another week from work. I don’t think either of us had engaged in focusing for some time. We kind of drifted into it. I’m obviously not going to share where my friend focused – more of how the experience was for myself. We began in general talk, moved on to an area he wanted to talk about. Then he suddenly, well, it felt sudden to me, started focusing. As I reflected back his focusing, he went deeper, finding more of himself.  I mention this as when our conversation concluded a feeling came that this is one area to search more (see earlier post).  I would not consider myself a skilled focusing practitioner at all.  Once I have completed the diploma in person-centred counselling a strong feeling then to investigate focusing in more depth. Reminded me of one of the tutors (Clive) from BNU and an article he’d written on focusing which he shared with the course – Dr. Rogers and the Lego Spaceship. To anyone not having met Clive, the title may sound strange, but the content is worth the read.

For those seeking more information about Focusing, The Focusing Institute is a great starting place. As is Focusingby Eugene T. Gendlin. My copy is an older edition. Whichever version you may try will be worth while as a starting point. The following books others have said are good, though I cannot comment myself, having not read them yet:

Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy: A Manual of the Experiential Method (Practicing Professional)

Person-centred Therapy: The Focusing-Oriented Approach

Bio-Spirituality: Focusing as a Way to Grow

As in all aspects of counselling focusing evolves through time and experience. The way I counsel will be different than you. It as unique as I am. Though the core must be present – being congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard – love through all.


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