As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

counselling analogy

Tonight whilst praying and meditating the following flowed:

Sometimes we get so weighed down by something we just can’t get started. We may have a room to organise, yet its in such a mess that we don’t know where to start. A family member or friend comes along and starts to help us. Not to dictate or do things for us, but to find out how we want things to be, helping us get there. So progress starts. The room begins to look more as we wish it to. Time comes for the friend to leave us to our own devices. Now, having started we are able to carry on organising things. The room may stay as it is for a month or so. We may then get the inclination something is not quite right. We move a cupboard or bookcase. Maybe a bed. And so the moving continues. We may never get the room exactly as we want, yet our contement grows, as does our fulfillment.

Counselling, perhaps, is like this too. Somtimes our life may feel such a mess. We feel a change is needed. But where do we begin. A counsellor is a friend who helps you to organise your self, your being, as you wish it to be. Like the room, it is not their life or being. Their wish is to journey with you, where you desire, giving support and encouragement. They are unconditional in their regard, empathic and congruent, helping you grow as you wish to, not dictating. Then, the counsellor in time moves on and your continue the journey on your own. Moving things around. Things may never be perfect, yet you are contented and fulfilled.

Like all analogies this only works if not taken too far.


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