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Goodbye Blackberry hello HTC Desire

A post with nothing to do with counselling. My Orange contract having run out in February needed to decide whether to change phones or not. The past couple of weeks have investigated options. Last Saturday took the opportunity to play with the HTC Desire. Comparing with iPhones I’ve played with can’t see much difference. Yes, there are more apps for the iPhone than the Desire, but enough for me. Cheaper as well.  Most iPhone contracts tend to start at the £30 mark, plus the cost of the phone itself. Having been with Orange for over 15 years managed to negotiate cost of the Desire from £149.99 to £49.99 to nothing. The monthly contract also came down from £27.50 to £22.50 for unlimited txts, 600 minutes of calls and 500 MB of data. Happy with that. Delivery next business day. So should arrive on Monday. Hope the phone meets my expectations 🙂  Couple of very positive reviews:

So goodbye Blackberry hello Desire 🙂  My Blackberry has served me well over the past 18 months, now it’s time for a change.  One of the main things for swapping phones is the screen size.  The Blackberry 8320 screen is comparatively small, against the larger screen Desire.


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