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Desire and an essay

The HTC Desire is great. A bit of time required to get accustomed to the touch screen. For me the larger screen is wonderful. As is the predictive text, with my typing usually not too exact : )  Quality of sound  good, both for calls and playing back music. Speed of the Desire far exceeds my Blackberry.

Have my diversity essay to complete by end of this week. So far finding it hard to concentrate on the subject. The new phone being somewhat of a distraction.

Had started this post on the HTC, saving it as draft, which I had expected to continue from the phone but, unlike the Blackberry WordPress app, could only be done from a PC.  So here I am continuing.  Have actually completed and submitted the essay – waiting its return.

Is the HTC as good as the iPhone? Have no way of telling, as have not used an iPhone extensively.  Feel I cannot give voice to an opinion on something not used sufficiently.  Only think I can say I’d the that some of the iPhone apps are not yet available for the Android.  Maybe they will come?  One great app for me is google maps that acts as a SatNav.  Key in the destination and away it goes, working out your destination as the browser-based version , but the tap the navigate option and like a SatNav a voice tells you where to turn, etc.  Used it first on a couple of journey where I knew the route and it performed great.  Next, tried it to get somewhere not so well known, still ending up at the right destination.  This alone, for me, makes the HTC worthwhile.

I can wait for the extra apps.  In time they will come.


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