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“… in the national interest …”

Well, the people spoke yesterday.  Not quite as I expected.  I’m not sure where the LibDem voter went.  Many people I spoke top over the past week said they were going to vote for them.  Maybe they all gave way to the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) spread by the Conservatives?

Listening to the BBC News through this morning, there is the one phrase that many of the politicians keep using – ” in the national interest” – but what does that mean? I’m sure they all have their own take on it, that being down to perspective.  Following what I wrote earlier, our life experiences shape our thoughts.  If you’ve always been surrounded by money it is less likely you will consider the effects of cuts as they hardly affect your lifestyle.  You will only see the economic benefit and not the personal tragedies that often occur in peoples lives. If you are less well off then your experience will likely lead you to think a lot harder about cuts and probably not readily support them.

Will there be a LibDem / Conservative pact of any sort?  I hope not.  There are so many issues the parties disagree on.  David Cameron has just outlined his offer of a pact, but it just seemed very much a re-statement of the Conservative party policies.  Without a PR referendum it would not be worth while. I hope if the Liberal Democrats do go for a coalition, whoever it might be with, an agreement to include PR happening will be reached,  not just a committee to review it.


One response to ““… in the national interest …”

  1. futiledemocracy 7 May, 2010 at 14:09

    My entire family moved from voting Labour, to voting Lib Dem.
    We will all never vote Lib Dem again, if they go into coalition with the Tories.

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