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Stuck on a broken down tube – walking the track.



Well, this is unexpected. Boarded the tube running from Bank to Waterloo. 5 minutes into the journey we stopped. The driver announced a loss of power. Waiting for engineering to reinstate the power. So we just sit, patiently waiting. Most sit quietly. Many play with iPhones or other devices. A few read newspapers. I blog on my HTC, though can’t publish the entry until we reach daylight as no signal underground. My only concern is missing the mainline train at Waterloo. The driver appeared with the thought we might have to walk – that’ll be interesting 🙂 a new experience!
Definitely missed the mainline now. Will probably now be late for the counselling diploma tonight.
We did walk down the track. Not too far. The underground staff were great. Police and others too. Even got given a free bottle of water!

Have attached a couple of pictures taken with my phone. Not very good quality.


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