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Now what happens – LibDem Tory coalition – can it work?

My answer is I hope so. Is Nick Clegg making the best of an imperfect situation? Politics will no doubt be riddled with errors, most just mistakes in judgements. Some no doubt deliberate. My faith in people leads to thinking the intended bad judgements are and will always be in the minority.
The difficulty being on the outside is two fold. One, we do not know all the ramifications of events. Two, we do not know other peoples hearts and that includes politicians! We like to think we know what we’d do in given situations. In reality, until we’re in the midst of things we don’t.
My initial reaction to a LibDem Tory coalition was, no, how can it possibly work. I’m still not sure of the how. But, after some considered thought, I now give them all my hopes for success in being a blessing not a curse for the country.


2 responses to “Now what happens – LibDem Tory coalition – can it work?

  1. df lewis 13 May, 2010 at 21:17

    There is a real Maggie Clegg from British TV:

  2. Jingye 1 June, 2010 at 09:25

    yeah they call it ConDems

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