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World Cup – England’s chances …

This is a strange topic for me to post, as I have virtually no interest in football. What has caught my attention over the past few weeks is the promotions related to the world cup. We have Toshiba saying:

Buy a Toshiba TV before 10 June 2010 to get your money back if England win the cup or Buy a Toshiba laptop with the latest Intel® Core™ processors before 10 June 2010 to get your money back if England win the cup:

We have Currys offering £10 cash back for every goal England score in the World Cup, when you buy any TV over £599:

There will no doubt be others. What does this say about these companies thoughts of England winning or scoring many goals? I’d say not much. Why would they take the risk of losing money if England actually did win or score a huge amount of goals. Are these companies not just preying on football fans, who think a new TV will give them a better experience, when they don’t really need one or have the money to spend? Is this not an example of free market capitalism preying on the financially unaware and unsuspecting? If you really need a new TV then maybe there is small value in Currys offer. England should at least score a few goals, so the price will be a little reduced. Of course you then need to decide which is the best TV to purchase. No point in buying a rubbish TV just to get a discount!! You’ll need to look else where for advice on the best TV though. 🙂


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