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Short term counselling poll

This is my first attempt to use a poll in WordPress. Whether you have an interest in counselling or not, be appreciated if you’d take part in the poll. For part of an assignment for the counselling diploma have to research different aspects of short term counselling. So I thought a quick poll of what people thought about it might work. The idea is that people would type in the first word that came to mind on thinking about “short term counselling”. However, as this is a poll, I think it will only work if I suggest some words and then people select which one came to mind. Far from an ideal research method, but even if it can’t be used the results will be intriguing. Seems I can have one field where people can type in their own answer. See how it goes.


One response to “Short term counselling poll

  1. Jennifer 28 July, 2010 at 23:01

    I would have liked to say “a waste of time…unless that is what the client genuinely wants and is genuinely able to make use of”, as sometimes the first four sessions or so can be spent just building up trust! Usually short term work I find difficult, though I do do it often, as it’s part of my current contract. However at that point I find myself focusing more on “how can you/ we use these 6 sessions in the most helpful way for you?” i.e. I feel it can take away from allowing the actualising tendency to kick in as there’s simply not enough time. My thoughts, anyway.

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