As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

So many book to read, things to learn … for diploma and life …

Having completed the second term of the diploma year, the summer break stretches forward. There are assignments (a report, plus much portfolio work) needing completion and related books to read, plus loads of books to read that are not directly connected with the course but are to person-centred counselling.  Plus many fiction books that attract my attention.  Where should I start?

Some of the books I’m waiting to read:

Couple of focusing books, recommended by John Threadgold. Haven’t met John face to face yet, but we have spoken on the phone and conversed via email a few times. I trust his reviews:

The Power of Focusing: Finding Your Inner Voice by Ann Weier Cornell

Person-centred Therapy: The Focusing-Oriented Approach by Campbell Purton

Person-centred Counselling for People with Dementia: Making Sense of Self by Danuta Lipinska. This one have actually started.  My first ever Kindle eBook.  Haven’t got an actual Kindle but have the Kindle reader on my HTC Desire.  Read the first 2 chapters.  Surprised how comfortable reading the book is on my phone.  Would be nicer to have a larger screen, the size of the Kindle.  But, while still over £100 consider it too much of a luxury.  If it came down to £50 or less might be tempted.

The book itself gives thought for alternative ways of being with people who have dementia from a person-centred perspective – that though I guess is obvious from the title 🙂  As I said have only completed 2 chapters. So far the author is pointing out that though some memory may be lost or difficult to retrieve, a person with dementia can still be and is still in the moment.  They still experience the sadness, hurt, joy and happiness with what they are currently experiencing. for this reason alone there should be great care and compassion given.

Some by Brian Thorne:

Infinitely Beloved: The Challenge of Divine Intimacy (Sarum Theological Lectures): 10

Mystical Power of Person Centred Therapy: Hope Beyond Despair

Behold the Man: A Therapist’s Meditations on the Passions of Jesus Christ

I find Brian such an inspiring writer. If ever my thoughts are can the person-centred way of being really work – Brian gives the courage to continue.  His books just convey so much love for his clients, as the way to be. He adds a spirituality to counselling that is not always there in other approaches, that for me is a key difference and value.


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