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NHS cuts – Tory dream = social nightmare

Steve Bell on Andrew Lansley's pro-market NHS shakeup

So, is Steve Bell right? Is the NHS doomed to spin in more ways than one? A friend of mine reminded me that the Tory’s have wanted to get rid of the NHS since the 50s.  Is this a step toward their dream coming true, leaving the rest of us in a nightmare of health provision, or rather lack of?

Where is the society built up over decades going?  In the bible, there is an oft mis-quoted passage. It speaks of “The love of money is the root of all evil“. It seems the love of money is the root of all the ills facing the UK.  If the banks had not been so greedy, if the government wasn’t so desperate to save money, we wouldn’t need all the cuts and so forth. The banks we (the UK tax payer) gave money to are starting to make profit, yet are still paying out bonuses to some of their staff.  Why can they not just give back the money they owe us? Often a bank will stop someones overdraft and not care what state they are in or suddenly demand full repayment of a loan or mortgage.  Why don’t we treat them the way they treat their customers.  We need the money back now.  You, the banks can have your (reasonable) bonuses once you’re paid the UK tax payer back fully.  The extra taxes being charged are nothing in comparison. It’s not even “being charged”, it’s, will be charged in 2011 – a paltry 0.04%

Maybe then we could keep the NHS and other aspects of the welfare state.  The social impact of all these cuts are immeasurable. The say it would be worse in the long run without these cuts.  Maybe, They must have known what they wanted to cut before the election.  But, as usual they only show the full truth afterwards.  Liars, deceivers.

The budget deficit is apparently not as bad as they thought before the election.  If so, then the cuts should be less than they anticipated, not worse as they seem to be making them.  It seems I was wrong. I thought the LibDems would be a tempering influence on the Tory’s.    I wonder if things would be worse without them? The Tory way of cut, cut, cut … without thinking of the social impact and consequences, it seems, is here to stay.

Unless we can get some way of calling another election soon.  Can’t see that happening though.  Or is there a way?


2 responses to “NHS cuts – Tory dream = social nightmare

  1. Anne 14 July, 2010 at 12:04

    It gets worse. I can’t link to the article as it is subscription only, but the GP Magazine ‘Pulse’ email today has a story about private health companies backed by leading financial institutions, making plans to offer to run and manage these GP consortia on behalf of GPs in return for a management fee. They, in turn, will absorb and risk of failure- but also keep any profits, thus taking public funds for private profit.Here’s the opening paragraphs:

    ‘UnitedHealth UK, Tribal Newchurch, Humana, Bupa and Aetna UK are drawing up a framework of potential services GPs will be able to ‘buy in’ from the private sector, with companies taking on a share of the commissioning risk.
    They are confident the White Paper will hugely increase the scope for private firms, with one leading player claiming it will lead to the full ‘denationalising’ of healthcare in England.

    Groups of private healthcare insurance, financial services and IT companies will offer GPs a raft of commissioning support services, following moves to hand them control of £80 billion of NHS cash.

    These will include medicines management systems, IT systems, commissioning-support tools, back-office support and patient-management services, many of which have already been used by PCTs under the previous Government’s FESC framework and via individual deals with private firms.

    Now the group of private companies, working with undisclosed leading financial companies, are turning their attention to GPs and will be offering to share the financial risk involved in setting up new consortiums, in return for potentially lucrative contracts.

    However, they will also carry out tough vetting of potential GP partners.

    The White Paper sets out plans to provide GPs with a maximum management allowance, including premiums for those who achieve high-quality health outcomes and for financial performance.

    But Kingsley Manning, director of Tribal Newchurch, told Pulse: ‘My guess is that the management fee will be fairly modest and that it will mean the way that GPs will be able to run this is in a collaborative approach.’

    He said offering GPs a chance to share the risk of the new ventures would be a major part of the private firms’ strategy, following health secretary Andrew Lansley’s warning of no ‘bail out’ for consortiums that fail.

    ‘We’re working on the assumption that there will be some element of risk transfer. Risk management is going to be a very, very important factor.’

    There’s a lot more, equally depressing. It’s exactly what happens in the US- a third party manages a GP’s budget. Given few GPs have any accountancy training, and the consortia have to be operative by 2011, the private companies are waiting to pounce.

    seen any LibDems lately? No,I haven’t either!

  2. Neil 14 July, 2010 at 12:35

    A query I have, is that does this need to go through parliament to be votes on or can they just do this? The AV referendum needs to be voted on, likewise the budget. Surely the LibDems and Labour would get together to squash this?

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