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The Spirit Level and The Equality Trust

Picked up The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Betterfor something to read during my time at home recovering last week. Have only read the first two chapters, yet it seems to offer a convincing argument for the need for societies to have greater equality. From research, it seems that  societies where the gap between the highest 20% and the lowest 20% have the greatest amount of social issues.

The YouTube clip above is from The Equality Trust website, which the authors have developed for the further promoting of the need for equality.

Community life, social relations, mental health, drug use, physical health, life expectancy, obesity, teenage births, violence, crime as some of the aspects of society that shown as worse where inequality is greater.  Why am I posting about the book and website? To encourage others to read the book, to view the website, to have their thoughts and ideals challenged.  It is not a party political book, in the sense that it does not come from any particular party. Yet, for change to occur policies will need changing or developing.

[edit] The scary thingy is that only 3 countries are worse off than the UK for inequality – Portugal, the States and Singapore. Change definitely required – the question is how?


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