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I cry, therefore, I feel, therefore, I am …

I cry, therefore, I am (a wuss) was the title of a post recently featured on Freshly Pressed where WordPress highlight blogs they think are of a certain quality.  I’m not too sure what that quality is at times ;).  Anyway, last night went to see Toy Story 3, with some of my family. Yes, at the end we were all crying. A wuss, though? Definitely not.  The putting of “a wuss” in the post title was I think more provocative than descriptive of the author’s real thoughts.  Reading the post he admits crying at films, feeling good doing so.  Crying lets me feel more alive.  I know there are times social mores consider it inappropriate to cry, particularly in public.  I’ve cried in private and public places – at home, at church, in the cinema, walking down the street. With longer thought could no doubt expand that list.  If I’m feeling an emotion, should I hold it in?

I wonder why crying is thought inappropriate, at certain times and places?  People become embarrassed. Often, though, those around the person crying, rather than the crier themselves feel embarrassed. Perhaps they are not sure how to react? Should they say anything, maybe put their arm around the person crying, etc?

Others embarrassment can lead to the crier also feeling – I feel, unnecessarily – embarrassed.

Crying, of course, happens in the counselling room. One of the few places it is considered more appropriate. Even here, clients apologise for crying. I see crying as necessary. Not a necessary evil, just on occasions as necessary.  An earlier post expounded my thoughts. Is it the acceptance and empathy given, that allows the client to feel more able to cry? Is this is what is missing in society in general,  enough acceptance of others?

As I cry, so I am feeling emotions, as I feel, so I am becoming more aware of myself and others. So …

A National Acrobat


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