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Having your car towed …

Here are a couple of photos taken back in May this year.  Why post about this now?  Prompted by the News yesterday that the government will be banning towing on private land.

Fortunately for me this was not my car.  But, I felt for whoever’s car it was.  One thing to clamp a car, as there were signs saying that would happen if left for more than 2 hours.  But why tow it away except to charge a fee, that usually is extortionate?  There were plenty of other spaces to park in, the car was not blocking the way for anyone of thing.  Another reason I feel for not towing away is that you don’t know why the car has been there over the allocated period. Maybe the person has been unavoidably detained? Maybe they or a family member had had an accident. If a proper system was in place the companies could get access to who the car belonged to and then make contact with them.

Years ago, many, many years ago, coming home from a  night shift on a small motorbike I ran out of petrol. Rightly or wrongly, as the petrol stations were all closed (no 24 hour opening back then), I left the bike up against a wall and walked home.  The next day, mid way through my sleeping the phone rang.  It was the police wanting to know if I knew my bike was where it was and if so why it was there. I explained what had happened and there was no issue.  Later that afternoon I walked back, pushed it to the nearest petrol station, filled it up and rode it home. Why can that not happen today? If there is no valid reason and the vehicle is causing a real problem where it is, then maybe towing would be seen as valid.

In what may be considered my naïvety, I’m sure if cars are left where they shouldn’t be there will be mostly genuine reasons.  Yes, as always a few may abuse such a situation, but is that reason to punish the majority?  So, I’m all for banning towing and better regulation on clamping as well. Let’s not make money out of others misjudgements that are not harming others.

When the driver returned I wonder what his feelings were?


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