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Focusing – books and links

The past week while on holiday took the time to read The Power of Focusing: A Practical Guide to Emotional Self-Healing – an amazing book.  Ann Weier Cornell has written a simple introduction to Focusing.  Only 128 pages in length, it doesn’t take too long to get through the words.  The time though comes when the book is put into practice and applied. In basic terms, the book is about learning to listen to our bodies, to see if they are trying to tell us something. A way of coming back if ever you feel swapped by your emotions.  Not saying that emotions or feelings are bad, but a way of listening more to your whole self – mind, heart, body and spirit. Person-centred counselling and Focusing seem very much alike, in the acceptance of ourselves and others, that through such acceptance change comes. As Carl Rogers wrote: “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change”.  On the surface that seems a strange statement to make.  It is hard to explain at times, but I have felt its truth in myself and seen it in others.  Clive Perraton Mountford’s (a previous tutor) article Dr. Rogers and the Lego Spaceship (Towards a Teachable Focusing-Oriented Person-Centred Theory) is great at explaining how the two can work together.

Have just received Bio-Spirituality: Focusing as a Way to Growin the post. This is said to take Focusing toward a greater spiritual path. I will write a review once read and when more time will write a more comprehensive review of  The Power of Focusing.

Have also added some links on the right to sites that are Focusing related.


3 responses to “Focusing – books and links

  1. John Threadgold 6 September, 2010 at 17:29

    Hi Neil. They are both wonderful books. Discovering focusing, has for me been a wonderful catalyst for change in myself, and well as being highly beneficial for my counselling clients. I can honestly say, that it is the most effective tool that I have come accross. Also for me, when I Focus, I am also embodying Rogers ‘core conditions. For example, I bring awarness into my body, and trat whatever I find with gentle non judgemental curiosity, ( Unconditional positive reagrd).What ever I find, be it a joyful, angry or hurting part of me, ( or all three !) I treat with compasion, willing to listen to what I find, from its paoint of view. ( Empathy). In the process I find issues shift and feel different, and I become more interrgrated ( Genuinness or congruence). Its wonderful for both me and the clients !

  2. Neil 7 September, 2010 at 10:52

    Hi John, Be interested in any feelings you may have about the Lego spaceship article. I’m still working through the Bio-spirituality book. The introduction was hard – it seemed to labour their points … but the main book seems more engaging now.

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