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Dreams of a Butterfly and Glastonbury

Last night dreamt the following:
I was at a church social, in the building I usually attend. Recognised the room I was in. There seemed no particular reason it was being held. Suddenly a beautiful (aren’t they all?) butterfly appeared. It seemed to be inbetween my glasses and my eyes. I asked others in the room if they could see it too.  Before anyone replied it moved and landed on my chest, where it stayed.  Then the alarm work me up.

A couple of days ago decided to try and get tickets for Glastonbury next year. They come on sale October 3rd. That night had the following dream:
I was at Glastonbury! I’ve never been, so have only seen pictures, yet there was a strong feeling I was actually there at Glastonbury. 5 other people I know accompanied me. Not people I’d expect to want to go. But, then shouldn’t judge tastes. Some will no doubt be surprised at my desire to go. How many 54 year olds will be there, for the first time? Back to the dream. The 6 of us were involved in some kind of service – it appeared we were tidying and clearing up things.

This was followed a day later dreaming of teaching Focusing at Glastonbury.

So 3 vivid dreams. Not looking for any interpretations. Not sure of any meanings but felt to record them.

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