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I’m Proud of the BBC!!

Watch this video  – buy the T-shirt – buy the song (1st November release) and hopefully stop whoever wins the X-Factor single getting to number one this year – making it two years in a row Simon Cowell doesn’t.  Nothing against the individuals on X-Factor, just think the whole thing exploits the performers and the voting public and shouldn’t be encouraged.

Another reason for buying the single, if enough people do buy it, maybe the government will leave the BBC as it is.


One response to “I’m Proud of the BBC!!

  1. Jingye 15 October, 2010 at 14:13

    I suppose if BBC hires enough workforce and the workforce are sufficiently motivated to be viral/pest their friends. It could stand a chance against X-factor.
    Failing that, it is an antidote.

    the Mail – “BBC yet again wastes money on self-glorify propaganda’

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