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“The Rebel Jesus” – 3rd verse

While waiting for someone listened to some Jackson Browne. One song prompted me to write. The last lines of the third verse of “The Rebel Jesus”:

But if anyone of us should interfere
In the business of why there are poor
Get the same as the rebel Jesus

leads me to thinking of the recent and further proposed cuts by the government. If we disagree they try to make us feel like outsiders, as if they have the only way.

The poor are being the hardest hit. Yes, the figures can be manipulated to make it appear its an equal distribution of financial pain. It may be the same percentage even. But a 10% reduction for a person on, say 200 a week is vastly different in what food you are able to buy, than someone on 2000 a week.

Yesterday read an article that gave strength to the argument that the cuts are mainly ideological, rather than necessary. Unfortunately can’t recall where. Apparently, when the welfare state was first introduced the country was in more debt than we are now. If that is really so, why do we need to cut so severely now?

Why am I so angry now, with the government? Is it because I voted for the LibDems? Is it because there seems little difference one person can make?

Despite all, I do feel one person can make a difference – for good – one to one with another.


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