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Counselling Forum – newish

Couple of years back set up as a website for counselling resources.  Most of which have been added to this blog.  Only bits that hadn’t been were the shop and forum. Today added a link to the forum here, so now only the shop remains there.  The blog is looking bit crowded now with all the links on the front page.  Probably need to get  a different theme to rearrange things.

Part of the site included a forum dedicated to counselling.  Hadn’t touched it for ages only to find recently that it was filled with a large number of spam posts.  An old (well, as old as me), trusted friend, Malcolm, helped sort the forum out.    Running several of his own phpBB forums (a recently started one is for several years Malcolm has the experience I lack.  He even spoke at a phpBB conference a couple of years back. He goes by the Falkor tag.

So if anyone is interested the forum address is 🙂

All welcome!!


2 responses to “Counselling Forum – newish

  1. Stephen Walton 4 December, 2010 at 07:38

    how is your training going?

    • Neil 4 December, 2010 at 21:07

      Hi Stephen,

      The counselling training is going really well. Always so much to learn about myself. Just one week of college left, as the course year runs from January to December. Almost completed all the course work, then have to finish off my 100 placement hours.
      It’s been a wonderful experience. Are you training?


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