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My politics – a beginning …

Thought it would help me (and maybe others?) if I started to put my political views down. I say start deliberately as things will evolve.  Will they be left, right, middle, I’m not sure. Probably not extreme in any direction, but maybe I’m just in denial with that thought.

1.  There must be personal responsibility.
2.  Where possible people and families should support themselves.
3.  Education should be free – regardless of age.
4.  Health care should be freely available for all – regardless of age, nationality or income or lack of.
5.  Provision should be made for those who are unable to support themselves – regardless of age, nationality, previous income or lack of.
6.  Services used by all should be owned by all – kind of nationalization. Not sure exactly how this would work, but, for example, water, gas, electricity should not be owned by private companies or individuals.
7.  Income tax should be at a set rate, with no allowances, for different income bands.

There are more ideas flowing but they need a bit more working out.


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