As It Is or As I Am – the Art of Becoming

A journey … towards … being

Closing remarks – diploma ending

For the end of the diploma course we each agreed to choose either  a thought, quote, poem, picture to be included in a book being put together, as a memory of and for each of us.  Below are my choices:

A couple of poems –

And One Peculiar Point I See,
As One Of Many Ones Of Me.
As Truth Is Gathered, I Rearrange,
Inside Out, Outside In,
Perpetual Change.

Perpetual Change by Chris Squire and Jon Anderson

These lyrics strike something within me – that there are many parts or configurations of me, that there is much truth to be learnt from many sources, that, as such truth touches me, my many parts change and rearrange, both from the inside and out – then, in a constant flow of change and growth, the whole develops further into a new whole or completeness.

“The Lesson”

Yes, my fretting,

Frowning child,

I could cross

The room to you

More easily.

But I’ve already

Learned to walk,

So I make you

Come to me.

Let go now–


You see?

Oh, remember

This simple lesson,


And when

In later years

You cry out

With tight fists

And tears

“Oh help me,

God–please.” —

Just listen

And you’ll hear

A silent voice:

“I would, child,

I would

But it’s you,

Not I,

Who needs to try


Carol Lynn Pearson

One of my favourite poems – even though it doesn’t really rhyme!

For years, if it didn’t rhyme, for me it wasn’t a poem.

🙂 Now I see differently 🙂


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