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NHS prescription charges to rise by 20p, whilst in the rest of the UK they remain or soon become freeee.

Confused .. well, not really, but why should the English have an increase in prescription charges while from April Scotland will get theirs free, along with Wales and Northern Ireland? Anyone else think maybe an English parliament should be now put in place? Nothing against the other parliaments we now have, but the English don’t get to vote on laws in Scotland but we have MPs from Scotland in Westminster.

If devolution is happening lets have it in full. Or should I just move back to Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland?

It’s not just prescriptions either.  Reading the various comments posted on the link the health service seem to provide more outside of England.  For example, free hospital parking in the other parts of the UK but not in England.  Not perhaps the most worrisome policy some might think.  It is though particularly sensitive for me at the moment.  The day my mother died, back in January, came out of the hospital to find a parking ticket on my car. Yes, I’d been there longer than the two hours I’d paid for.  But how many other people experience worry over parking tickets when through no fault of their own they are held up in the hospital and get a ticket.  I was able to make a few phone calls, offered to pay for the day (the gentleman I was speaking to refused to accept that offer) and get the ticket rescinded. But many people, those who are ill, the elderly, may not have the energy to do that.  They are then left worrying about where the money to pay the £40 fine is coming from. What will  they have to give up to pay such a fine?


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