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UK Welfare bill ‘penalises cancer patients’

I find this scary, worrying and just not right. I have various friends who will probably think otherwise, but I wonder if they read on below, can they continue to think the NHS is best privatised and the Welfare bill revised?  This was in yesterdays Guardian. Yes, a so-called left-wing newspaper and website.  The link to the web article is:

Within the comments section is one that was reposted from the previous day, written by theexpert4809.  Written by someone who has direct contact with individuals and families involved, not someone in an ivory tower, just trying to balance the books.  Though, I guess, the books do need to be balanced.  but, I believe they can and should be balanced a different way.  The social impact of such legislation is so far reaching, in a bad way.  We need to look after people.  So what if the system is abused by a few.  Ideally it wouldn’t be abused. The many still need supporting.  To deny the many because of the few is not right.  The concept often maintained by the right, that people are not taking responsibility for themselves, is not true for the majority.  To think that such isues can all be solved by privatisation is wrong.

Other posts of by the same person can be found here:

So in the words of theexpert4809 – This is not a threat, this is a promise borne from complete desperation. It is not crying wolf, it is happening NOW thanks to the tossers who call themselves HCP’s from the ever incompetent ATOS. I work with a disability organisation appealing benefit decisions. I have worked in the benefits arena for the last 10 years and I can tell you now, I am scared for my clients. In the last 3 months alone, two clients have attempted suicide as a direct result of being found “fit for work” following an ESA assessment. Needless to say, they were successful on appeal, not that either know this yet as they are both currently in a secure mental health units until their suicidal ideologies abate. It can only get worse with the current proposals.

I am not disabled myself but I see daily the costs to the individuals involved when they lose their benefit and have to fight to get it back. Don’t you people get it? THEY DO NOT HAVE THE STRENGTH, they do not have the will, they do not have even the hope that they will succeed.

The government has managed to pull a blinder, the press reports never stop of the approximate 1% of fraudulent claimants being found and prosecuted but where are the reports of the 60-70% of GENUINE claimants being forced to go without their money while they appeal a decision for over a year? (And yes, I did have the audacity to saytheir money, the vast majority of my client’s have worked all their lives, paying into a system that is meant to support them in their hour of need). What do they face instead? The prospect of being called a liar every other day, an endless array of assessments, questionnaires, reviews, appeals, adverse decisions made by faceless unaccountable decision-makers and a public that has bought the story that most are “glass-backs” so much so that when they dare to go out, they are faced with accusing stares, sighs of derision and at best a total apathy, at worst complete resentment.

I, for one, am sick of quietly sitting back, making clear, structured, dispassionate arguments on their behalf, watching as the Tribunal Judges reinstate their benefits and then quietly moving on to the next victim of this governments perverted cuts while the decision-makers and ATOS continue to be paid, continue to make ridiculous decisions and are now about to move on to the next group for culling.

Don’t talk to me about having a “dignified” debate; there is no dignity in having to discuss the difficulties you have in wiping your own backside, or in cleaning and washing yourself or even preparing a meal. There is no dignity in feeling you are the new freak show every time you leave your home and when, having laid bear all your inabilities, all your depressive thoughts and emotions and shared the indignities you have to suffer daily with what feels like every man and his dog, there is no dignity in being called a liar, albeit dressed up in different words (I quote a favourite term preferred by HCP’s, “While the claimant claims depression, I can find no objective evidence of such.) Really? Well, I guess the CPN, the psychologist and the GP all need to take the same 12-week course as the HCP then!

This government has managed to set social attitudes towards disability back by 20 years or more with the most vulnerable in our society now considered a burden. As if they don’t already feel that they are. DLA went someway to helping them ease that “burden” on their families. It meant they could actually anticipate going out unaccompanied thanks to their mobility scooter or car. It meant that they could pay for professional care to assist with their personal care and retain some morsel of dignity and quality of life. Take that away and what do they have?

I AM OUTRAGED at the prospect that the last little crumb of financial support disabled people have been able to rely on is about to be obliterated and that this outrage is not shared by the rest of the able-bodied community. What has happened to this country for God’s sake? Is it really that bad now that as long as it doesn’t affect you then you’ll go along your merry little way with blinkers on? Are you afraid that if this benefit is saved the government might choose cuts that will affect you? Is it really every man for himself now?

Well, there but for the grace of God go I and if they do decide to risk the “kettle” I’ll be right there beside them.


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